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Vehicle-mounted Antenna
Model : FM-DC1
Product Name : Vehicle-mounted Antenna
Exworks price : US$ 850
Description: Frequency range 87-108MHz, Gain 2dB, Omni-directional radiation, Adjustable standing wave ratio and use frequency, Strong magnetic force attracted to the ceiling, Suitable for vehicle-mounted FM radio.

Dipole Antenna
Model : FM-DV1(HP)
Product Name : Dipole Antenna
Exworks price : US$ 395
Description: Band II dipole, Broadband 87.5~108 MHz, 1.5 dBd gain, Vertical Polarization, Omni directional pattern, Stainless steel AISI 304.

Directional Dipole Antenna
Model : FM-DV2(HP)
Product Name : Directional Dipole Antenna
Exworks price : US$ 711
Description: Band II panel, Broadband:87.5~108MHz, Demountable, Vertical or Horizontal polarization, Stainless steel AISI 304, Directional pattern.

Two-layers FM Dipole Antenna
Model : FM-DV3
Product Name : Two-layers FM Dipole Antenna
Exworks price : US$ 2782
Description: FM-DV3 Two-layers FM Dipole Antenna

Directional High-gain dipole FM antenna
Model : FM-DV4
Product Name : Directional High-gain dipole FM antenna
Exworks price : US$ 3221
Description: FM-DV4 Directional High-gain dipole FM antenna

Dual-dipole FM radio antenna
Model : FM-SD1
Product Name : Dual-dipole FM radio antenna
Exworks price : Inquiry for it
Description: Side hanging, low loss Broadband antenna Vertical polarization Stainless steel DC Ground

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