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Model : ZHC368
Product Name : FM Modulator with AES/EBU in
Exworks price : US$ 711
Description: Professional FM radio modulator with CD-quality broadcasting.DSP(Digital Signal processor)+DDS(Direct Digital Synthesis frequency) executes stereo coding and FM modulating. Supporting AES/EBU standard digital audio input.

ZHC368 FM Radio Modulator


  • Adopting new digital signal process(DSP) technology.
  • Direct digital synthesis frequency(DDS) technology.
  • Advanced MCU control system.
  • Columnar dynamic display audio signal.
  • Perfect audio effect of CD sound.
  • Supporting AES/EBU standard digital audio input.
  • The standard frequency of RF output is 87.00-108MHz with the step of 10kHz.
  • Free customization within the RF output frequency range.
  • 122*32 lattice blue screen LCD synchronously displays the work parameters of the modulator.
  • RS-232/485 serial communication remote control and telemetering.
  • 1U,19-inch standard chassis structure.
Technical Specifications:
  • Power voltage         AC220V±10% 50Hz
  • Power consumption       <25W
  • RF frequency range          87.00MHz~108.00MHz,step10kHz
  • Output power       -8dBm~+12dBm
  • Output impedance         50Ω
  • RF output connector     BNC(female)
  • Carrier frequency precision    ±200Hz
  • Harmonic suppression      ≥ 65dB
  • Parasitic amplitude modulation    ≤-50dB
  • Modulation frequency deviation  ±75kHz(100%modulation)
  • Audio pre-emphasis      0μs、50μs、75μs
  • Level difference of right and left  <0.1dB(100%modulation)
  • Signal-to-Noise       70dB(type),1kHz、100%modulation
  • Audio response       ±0.1dB,10Hz~15000Hz
  • Distortion           <0.1%,10Hz~15000Hz
  • Stereo seperation        60dB(type),30Hz~15000Hz
  • Pilot frequency         19kHz±1Hz
  • Pilot frequency modulation    8%~10%
  • Analog audio input impedance  600Ω,balance
  • Analog audio input level        -12dBm~+8dBm,step1dBm
  • Digital audio input impedance   110Ω,balance
  • Digital audio input level       0.2~10Vpp
  • Digital audio sample rate    30kHz~96kHz
  • Weight                                       3.8KG
  • Size                                            485mm×305mm×44mm

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