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Model : ZHC842D
Product Name : AES/EBU Switcher
Exworks price : US$ 758
Description: ZHC842D Digital Audio Switcher is an intelligent radio digital audio automatic switching device specially developed for the needs of the safe broadcasting of radio stations,It is mainly used in the occasions when the channels of audio transmission fail,it can automatically switch to a standby transmission channel and avoid the incidents of broadcasting suspension.

ZHC842D has four routs of AES/EBU digital audio input,one route or two routes of AES/EBU digital output,one route of simulated stereo monitor output,and RS485(232)control interface,which can be switched by remote control.
▲ Supporting AES/EBU professional format;the highest sample rate can reach 192KHz.
▲ Automated diction channel has non-digital audio signals.
▲ Three ways of switching:manual,automatic and remote control.The control is flexible
▲ Switch automatically according to the set PRI.
▲ To conduct circulated inspection on the audio status of each channel and automatically skip when there is no audio channel when switching.
▲ Optional switching delay time;users can set various lengths of switching delay time on the front panel according to their own needs.
▲ Power failure direct stereo and manual direct stereo functions.
▲ Can detect such digital audio errors as the losign lock of signals,CPC and parity check.
▲ Provide RS485 or PS232 serial communication control interface.
▲ The sample rate of input and output remains unchanged.

Technical specification:

1、 AES/EBU: 110Ω,XLR balance(AES-1992)
2、 Sample rate:  32KHz~96KHz
3、 Synchronous mode inner
4、 analog output balance stereo
5、 Audio response 0.1dB,20Hz~20KHz
6、 Distortion                               less than 0.1%,20Hz~20KHz

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