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Model : ZHC358-04
Product Name : 4-Channel FM Demodulator
Exworks price : US$ 580
Description: It demodulates 4 channels FM radio programs at same time in high-quality. It can be used for FM radio transposer, multi-channel FM signal monitoring etc.



ZHC358-04 FM demodulator is a 4-Channel FM radio receiver. It can demodulate 4 channels FM radio at same time. It has high sensitivity for receiving. It has standard communication interface for telemetry. It can be used for radio broadcast transposer , multi-channel FM signal monitoring and any other occasions where multi-channel and high-quality is required.



l  Built-in RF amplifier circuit improves the receiving sensitivity.

l  It can receive well in serious RF noise

l  Output audio quality can be used for professional broadcast

l  Output volume can be adjusted electronically or can be mute

l  All the parameters can be displayed on LCD

l  RS232 telemetry interface



1. Receiving frequency range            87MHz~108MHz

2. Receiving sensitivity                    <1uV (0dBuV)

3. Receiver SNR                              >3dB

4. De-emphasis                              50uS

5. Audio output impedance (balanced, XLR)   600Ω

6. Volume Gain                              -20dB+6dB

7. Stereo Separation                        ≥40dB(type.45dB)

8. Audio SNR                                  ≥60dB

9. Audio frequency response            ≤0.5dB

10. Distortion(stereo)                       ≤0.3%

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