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500W Analog TV Transmitter




Introduce:TV Transmitter UHF/VHF all band available Power: 300W/500W/1KW/2KW in a 1-meter height 19' rack Professional designed for TV stations Big color LCD with touch panel displays real-time parameters Switched power supply High reliability Low price

ZHC518A-500W TV Transmitter

This product is the all solid-state Single-channel TV Transmitter, it adopts professional TV exciter, and it can use the single/duel exciter configuration, switching automatically.

This transmitter has a variety of linear and non-linear pre-correction function, carrier frequency offset, and precision bias (with external precision reference source) function.

It can prefabricate and control the half-power output, and it has remote control telemetry interface.

The power amplifier used LDMOS FET, the analog and digital are both compatible, and it used high-quality switch parallel power.

The power amplifier and power supply are both used hot-plug devices.

The power loss and standing wave of the one-time synthesis power combiner is small.

The module of power amplifier display the working parameters in real-time.

The whole machine has the protection of over-current, over temperature, over power and over-standing wave ratio.

The master touch screen displays the working parameters of the whole machine and the module of power amplifier (PA) in real-time.

The 1KW transmitter is installed in one 19inch chassis; it’s suitable for medium or small TV station.

●    The whole machine is single-channel, image with audio together.
●    The redundant configuration design can reduce the rate of inactive to zero.

The exciter redundancy design: the main exciter and its spare exciter can switch automatically (the spare exciter is optional). When the main exciter broke down, it can switch to the spare exciter uninterrupted.

The power amplifier redundancy design: multiple amplifiers integrated; the modules of PA are high-consistency. These two exciters are the spare one with each other and can exchange easily.

The power supply redundancy design: parallel current sharing power from multiple switching power supply; the computer can monitor power supply’s working condition and adjust its working condition automatically.

●    The management and monitoring are intelligent and on network, it has the external PC interface.
●    It has the technical data detection, monitoring systems and full-featured computer control software with auto-diagnostic function. All technical parameters can be read through the LCD display panel.
●    Comprehensive protection measures can reduce the damage of equipments. This machine has protection about no video; VSWR is too large, overheating, over-stimulus, missing phase protection and lightning protection. The switch has protection about overvoltage, over current, under voltage, over temperature, short circuit and lightning protection.
●    All power supplies are switching power supplies; high efficiency, excellent regulator range, strong adaptable from the change of the external voltage.
●    It adopts modular design concept.
●    Hot-pluggable design: power amplifier and switching power are supporting the Hot-plug, it’s easy to debug and maintenance; improve the reliability.
●    The fan is built-in the chassis, the transmitter has a compact structure and a beautiful shape.

Technical Specifications:

Overall performances:

1. Working frequency
2. Output power
3. Output impedance
4. VSWR of output load impedance
5. Inter-modulation distortion
6. Useless transmission
                    In adjacent channel≤-40dB
                                                           Out adjacent channel≤-60dB
7. RF output interface
8. Power supply
                              Single-Phase 220V/50Hz
9. Shape size

Image performance

1. Video frequency input level           1VP-P positive polarity
2. Video frequency input impedance
3. DG
4. DP
5. Luminance nonlinear
6. Group delay
7. Signal-to-clutter ration of low frequency period interference:  ≥50dB

Sound performance:
1. Audio input level
2. Audio input impedance
                  10KΩ (imbalance)
                                                             600Ω (Balance)
3. Maximum frequency deviation
4. Harmonic distortion
5. The amplitude frequency characteristics: ±1dB
6. Signal-to -clutter