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We are original manufacturer specialized in professional FM & TV transmitters, Antennas, Digital audio equipments, etc. We are serving thousands of Radio & TV stations all over the world. Also we do ODM or OEM for companies all over the world. We are using advanced technology in all products. Our products are all High performance, High reliability and Reasonable price.

Please contact us by email : int@zhcfm.com 
Please contact us by mobile:+86 138 5711 8882



 Below are parts of our testing instruments:                        

                                                  VM700A Video Analyser

                                  P1DD  analog and digital audio analyser

                                          HP8560E spectrum analyser

                                  R&S  FMAB modulation analyser
                                                      RF signal generator

                                                  TV RF demodulator

                        FM testing workaround 
                                TV testing workaround                                   

            SMT soldering equipment                     

                BGA soldering equipment

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