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High-power FM Signal Divider


Specifications:100W 2-divider N type connector

Product introduction:High-power FM broadcast signal divider, 1 input 2 output (other types of divider can be customized), N-type radio frequency connector. The aluminum radiator is used as the shell, and the heat dissipation effect is good; the insertion loss is small. Fully

ZHC-SP2 High-power FM Signal Divider


1. Product overview

The ZHC-SP2 FM power divider is suitable for the second distribution of radio frequency signal power in the FM band below 100W. The PCB micro-trip circuit design has the characteristics of low standing wave ratio, low RF signal insertion loss, and good working stability. It is suitable for the main channel power distribution of the remote radio frequency output of the tunnel broadcasting system.


2. Technical specifications

●Power capacity: 100W

●Interface: N

●Impedance: 50 ohm

●Insertion loss: 2 channels ≤-3.4dB

●Amplitude balance: ≤ 0.5dB

●Standing wave ratio: ≤1.1

●Volume size 484mm×305mm×44mm

●Weight of the whole machine 1kg

●Operating environment temperature -5℃+45℃

●Relative humidity 95%